Asset Management

Systems and options to organize, track, and maximize the value of your media

Avid Dialogue Search

Enabling you to easily find and preview any clip based on spoken words and phrases in seconds.

Interplay | Production

Manage assets, collaborate and automate workflows for high-volume media delivery.

MediaCentral | Production Management

Advanced file and workflow managment for mid-sized to large production teams.

Interplay | MAM

Unify and coordinate every aspect of media production with a comprehensive system

MediaCentral | Asset Management

Advanced media asset managementfor news and post-production teams.

Interplay | MAM Foundation

Get the core tools of Interplay | MAM streamlined, easy-to-integrate package

MediaCentral | Editorial Management

Enable remote collaboration for post production with easy workflow and media management.

Audio (DAW)

Professional music and audio production software and hardware

Avid Premium Cloud Plans

Expand your storage space for Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration and Sibelius | Cloud Sharing

Pro Tools | HD I/O

Capture and output analog and digital audio with a customisable I.O interface

Pro Tools | HDX

Take on the biggest audio productions with a hardware-accelerated HD system

Pro Tools | Satellite Link

Sync and control up to 12 Pro Tools | HD Systems from a single system

Pro Tools | HD OMNI

Capture, monitor and output music and audio with an all-in-one audio I/O interface

Pro Tools

Compose, record, edit and mix music and audio with industry-standard software

Pro Tools | HD MADI

Integrate Pro Tools into post and broadcast environments through 64 MADI channels

Pro Tools | Machine Control

Remotely control Pro Tools and external audio/visual devices through a Sony 9-pin

Pro Tools | Video Satellite

Bring high-quality video into audio production workflow

Pro Tools | Sync HD

Keep large audio and video productions in sync with a master clocking interface

Pro Tools | First

Start creating music using a free version of Pro Tools Software

Pro Tools | HD Native

Create large audio productions with a powerful host-based Pro Tools | HD System

Pro Tools | MTRX

Get pristine sound and monitoring/routing in the most versatile Pro Tools audio interface

Pro Tools | Ultimate

Create and mix complex productions with advanced automation and immersive audio

MediaCentral Platform

Accelerate workflows and media access using a collection of workflow modulesappsservices, and panels in a single interface


Accelerate news, sports, production with the most comprehensive media workflow platform

MediaCentral | UX

Access media and work on projects anywhere using a cloud-based interface

Newsroom Management

Professional media production and automation tools for news journalists and producers


Control every aspect of news production, from story creation to playout

MediaCentral Command

Automate graphics and video playout from news rundowns and playlists

MediaCentral | Newsroom Management

Complete story creation and rundown management for news teams

Notation and Scoring

Music composition, performance and publishing solutions

AudioScore Ultimate

Transcribe recorded or live audio to music notation for working in Sibelius

PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate

Scan printed music and handwrite scores to complement your Sibelius workflow

Avid Premium Cloud Plans

Expand your storage space for Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration and Sibelius | Cloud Sharing


Compose, play, share and print pro-quality sheet music with the world's best-selling music notation software

Avid Scorch

Purchase, practice and perform music with an iPad app that displays notation

Sibelius | Ultimate

Get the advanced notation tools professional composers, arrangers, engravers, educators and publishers rely on.

Pro Mixing

Hardware devices for hands-on control of audio and video software and systems

Artist Mix

Mix sound in audio and video software with a compact 8-fader control surface

Avid S6

Get advanced mixing workflows and the tightest Pro Tools integration with a modular control surface

Pro Tools | S3

Take deep control of multiple DAWs with a compact 16-fader control surface

Avid S1

Accelerate mixing with a slimline control surface for music, audio post and video projects

Pro Tools | Control

Wirelessly control audios from multiple DAWs with a free iOS app for iPad

Avid S4

Get the mixing powers and workflows of Avid S6 in a more compact control surface

Pro Tools | Dock

Get touchscreen and tactile DAW control with a contact iPad-integrated surface


Industry-proven shared and nearline storage systems for audio and video workflows


Accelerate production with the world's first software-defined storage platform


Get professional-class shared storage for independent pros and small workgroups


Instantly expand your Avid NEXIS storage to the cloud for easy media parking and backup

Avid NEXIS | E5 NL

Access archived media and inactive projects fast with high-density nearline shared storage

Video (NLE)

Professional video editing software and hardware

Avid Artist I/O

Capture, monitor and output SD, HD, UHD, 4K, HDR and surround sound content with unique interfaces designed for professional media production

Media Composer

Create better stories with video editing and finishing software for independent editors and moviemakers

Media Composer | Distributed Processing

Enable unused or idle computers to render and transcode media, freeing up Media Composer for editing

Media Composer | PhraseFind Option

Find the right clips fast with a powerful dialog indexing and search engine option for MC

Media Composer | Symphony Option

Add advanced colour correction and Universal Mastering tools to Media Composer

Media Composer | Enterprise

Customise Media Composer for any role in your organisation for better video editing efficiency, production control and security.

Media Composer | Production Package

Add more titling, audio and video tools to Media Composer

Media Composer | Ultimate

Get collaborative video editing, finishing and delivery tools for team-based news, sports and post production.

Media Composer | Cloud Remote

Edit videos remotely by connecting Media Composer to MediaCentral in the cloud

Media Composer | NewsCutter Option

Add INEWS and ENPS systems integration to Media Composer for news editing.

Media Composer | ScriptSync Option

Find the best takes and accelerate script-based editing with a powerful dialog search and sync option for MC