Virtual Production

Today’s technology can produce a hyper-realistic virtual environment. To obtain best results a compelling 3D design with precision camera tracking and calibration are essential. Ross’ end-to-end virtual solution provides the highest level of quality with an easy-to-use workflow and consistent results. Wow your viewers with multiple virtual monitors, floating augmented reality elements, and customizable virtual sets to enhance your weather, sports, news, elections, and talk / variety shows. Ross’ virtual production also allows users to quickly change a set, deploy a new look or share studio space with no downtime for construction, moving set pieces or competition for physical set space. Create flexible production teams that execute a variety of tasks contributing to a high-quality, lower-cost production.

Sports & Live Events

Today’s fans and sponsors expect more. The challenge is both art and science. Ross has deep venue experience that can get you where you want to go, providing the specialized technology as well as working with you on the creative content – the solution to engaging your fans and delighting your sponsors.Go beyond simple graphics, animations and statistics displays, to fully 3D environments driven by real-time data and even fan-interactive games. Tie in mechanical and electrical devices like water fountains, neon signs, and stadium lightning for full venue control. Ross gives you access to experts with the know-how to make it all happen.




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